Bachelor in Resorts, Hotels & Leisure Complexes Management (three-year diploma)

Become an operational manager in the leisure hotel industry: theme parks, holiday clubs, cruise ships, etc.,  thanks to this bachelor degree in hospitality management, recognized by the French State (RNCP Level II). This bachelor degree is a three-year diploma programme. You can access it in year 1 or 3. This programme is taught in French and in English.

Vie sur le campus de l'Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac

Title of "Head of Service in Hospitality, Tourism and Catering"
Level II, code NSF 334. Registered at the RNCP by order of 30/08/2016, published in the Official Journal of 07/09/2016.
3 years, 2 years or 1 year, depending on your background
> Year 1: Baccalaureat, A-levels, or equivalent
> Year 2: 
1 year of undergraduate studies completed with a field exprience in the hospitality sector
> Year 3: 2 years of undergraduate studies completed in the hospitality sector, or depending on the application form
> Application form
> English proficiency test
> Motivation Interview
Tél : +33 (0) 553 050 811
Aim: become a cross cultural operational manager in the leisure hospitality management

Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, is one of the European leaders of hospitality, tourism and events management training, and offers a three-year International BA with an entry in Year 1 (for holders of a secondary school diploma) or in Year 3 (for holders of a post secondary diploma or equivalent in hospitality management). 

Our international BA in Resorts, hotels and leisure complexes management enables students to acquire technical and managerial skills :

  • Entertainment, wellness and leisure industry overview
  • Tourism economy
  • Facilities Management
  • Wellness industry Management 
  • Study of eco-friendly concepts
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship in leisure industry
  • Retirement Homes Management 

Develop your work experience thanks to internships and study cases in real conditions throughout the three-year cycle of the BA. 

Career opportunities

The BA in Resorts, hotels and leisure complexes management will enable you to access a wide range of jobs and activities such as seaside or mountain hotels, tourist residences, camping and caravaning, leisure parks, gaming establishments, cruise ships, etc.

  • Rooms division Assistant / Manager
  • Catering Assistant / Manager
  • Assistant / Manager in a spa or wellness establishment
  • Project Assistant / Manager

Getting a management position abroad becomes a reality thanks to your diploma. After your Bachelor, you can start working straight away, or continue your studies with the MBA in Hospitality Management of Ecole de Savignac.

What we offer for a quick integration into work

  • The interaction with professionals, lecturers and staff members provides a strong hospitality network
  • Career counselling that enables students to perfect their professional plans for optimum employability
  • Club Savignac, the Savignac alumni network, provides assistance in accessing the work market. Thanks to the sense of solidarity and mutual assistance of our former graduates, students benefit from additional support in seeking jobs, increasing their chances of finding the job that really suits them

Bachelor structure

. The students discover hotel, catering, events and tourism sectors. They are thus able to choose their major in year 3.

General management:

  • Marketing and webmarketing
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Economy
  • Management accounting
  • Human resources
  • Law
  • IT

Hospitality management:

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant techniques
  • Trade negotiation
  • Public relations
  • History of gastronomy
Internships and study programme

structure of the BA Resorts, Hotels and leisure complexes program in Savignac

  1. Intensive English communication courses are required for students who have not demonstrated a sufficient level during the admission tests.
  2. Intensive workshops in English, accounting and/or law for students who enter directly year 3.

"Get Involved" project

Get involved in a 3-month humanitarian, social or ecological mission, essential for your personal development and for understanding the leisure industry challenges: be aware of the water management, the preservation of nature, etc. Your mission can be in France or abroad, with a partner association.

Long work experiences, in France and abroad

The International BA in Resorts, hotels and leisure complexes Management includes 2 long work placements for a total duration of 12 months, in France or abroad. This initial work experience will enable you to gain and expand your skills and professional expertise, as well as define your career path. Your end of studies work placement undertaken in France or abroad will enable you to perfect your choice of career or facilitate your access to our MBA.

Student Mobility

Helping you getting a work placement

École de Savignac helps you during your research for a work placement: files on business partners, alumni network, assistance with your search, your CV and your cover letter, and with your interview.

A member of staff specifically assigned to the professional accompaniement of students is available to help you choose your work placement and define your missions.

Academic recognition

 All the programmes of Ecole de Savignac are recognized by the French State

Our bachelor is certified and registered by the RNCP (the 30/08/2016, and published on the 07/09/2016) with the title of "Responsable de service en hôtellerie, tourisme et restauration" - level II code NSF 334.

ECTS Credits 

The international BA in Resorts, hotels and leisure complexes management, a three-year diploma, is delivered by Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, and enables you to acquire 60 ECTS credits per year, or 180 credits for the entire bachelor cycle. Thanks to the ECTS credits, you may continue your studies with the Savignac MBA.

Admission requirements

Educational requirements:

- Year 1: Holders of a baccalaureat, A-levels or equivalent
- Year 3: Students with a two-year post secondary school diploma or equivalent in hospitality management.

Admission procedure:

Application form
- English proficiency test
- Interview

For international students, you can be interviewed online.

- Deadline for application: end of May
- Registration fees: 120 €

Tuition fees

Tuition fees:

- Tuition fees: 6 500 € per year (19 500 € for the 3 years)
- Subscription to the student association (ASIS) : 200 € (professional visits, meals off campus, etc.)
- Option of lifelong membership of the alumni network, Club Savignac : 150€


Catering at École de Savignac is managed by the catering company Sogeres. All students must eat lunch at the cafeteria.


We can provide you with a list of addresses offering furnished lodgings next to the school (average cost: 320 €/month*).

* This figure is given for information purposes only and is likely to change annually.


Answers to questions you may ask yourselves...



    1. How does recruitment take place?

Recruitment takes place in two stages:

First of all, candidates must carefully complete the application form which they have been sent. Candidates must have studied or be studying English and a second modern language (German or Spanish) at baccalaureat or equivalent level in order to apply.

If you are eligible, you will be invited for an interview. You will also have to take language tests.

    1. What are the selection criteria?

We are interested in your school reports, in particular, your teachers’ appraisals. Above all, we are looking for motivated students prepared to commit to a demanding programme.

During the interview, your motivation, your knowledge of the sector, your appearance and potentially your career plan will be determining factors.

    1. Is there a deadline for applications?

We accept applications until the end of May.

    1. How long after my interview might I expect to receive a reply?

You will receive a reply, be it positive or negative, ten–fifteen days after your interview.

    1. How do I confirm my application?

The School’s letter of reply will also contain an inscription form to be completed, signed and returned to the School. For students who are abroad, the 800 € deposit must be paid by bank transfer (please contact us to obtain our bank details). Reception and registration of your form and the bank transfer will serve as definitive confirmation of your inscription at École de Savignac, subject to obtaining your secondary school diploma.

Accommodation and meals

    1. How do I find accommodation for my time spent at Savignac?

There is a wide choice of rented accommodations within close distance of the School (houses or apartments for single/joint rentals). We will send you a list of addresses once your application has been accepted. The average monthly rental is 320 €.

    1. How does the cafeteria work in France?

École de Savignac has a cafeteria restaurant on campus. Students must eat their lunch there on weekdays. Meals are also available in the evening, if so desired.

Recognition of the diploma

The three-year International BA in Hospitality Management delivered by École de Savignac enables you to acquire 180 ECTS credits. Thanks to the ECTS credits, you are eligible to apply to École de Savignac two-year MBA in hospitality management.