The École Supérieure Internationale de Savignac does its utmost to enable its students to enter the job market. Several resources departments at Savignac are dedicated to helping and accompanying students seeking their first career openings.

This process, which begins from the start of their course, has much to do with the excellent employment rate of the School’s graduates.

Careers in Hospitality, Events & Catering Management
Accompanying students towards employment

Continuous personalised accompaniment: the École de Savignac delivers an education based on the principle of personalised accompaniment for each student. Throughout the curriculum, students have individual meetings with a supervisor in charge of professional accompaniment to assess their progress and hone their professional project.

A professional accompaniment module: the CIBC Dordogne (Centre Inter-institutionnel de Bilan de Compétence, an expertise assessment agency) has adapted its careers advisory expertise for students, to create, with the École de Savignac, a specialised module to help the MBA students define their personal projects and make the best possible career choices.

Individual counselling on CVs and job interviews: The first step towards professional life involves mastering a number of conventions in order to sell oneself well to one’s future employer. Albane Prieto, a recuitment consultant, runs a three-day module at the École de Savignac on this subject for the MBA and BA students. Using an interactive approach to reviewing subjects such as personalising one’s CV, recruitment sources and interviews, helps students avoid underplaying their job interviews. This approach mainly involves mastering new communication and information techniques on the internet, and the use of social and professional networks. This is real recruitment advice for accessing the job market.

Opportunities throughout the curriculum: The École de Savignac has always referred to itself as a school-cum-business. The School’s ‘Event Days’ are one of the novel concepts that enable students and professionals to meet and exchange views about their field of activity. Savignac’s students therefore have the opportunity of finding themselves in one-on-one interviews with recruiters from prestigious businesses, which is a tremendous plus when looking for work placements… and jobs.  

Network of former students and the Savignac Club

For over 25 years, the École de Savignac has been creating a network of former students that now has over 1,250 members around the globe. Savignac alumni feel a real attachment to the School, thanks to their experience on campus during their time here, and are always available for new students.

Many former graduates, in turn, offer jobs and work placements to the School’s students. Social and professional exchanges has developed thanks to this ongoing link between alumni and the School. The Savignac Network enables everyone, in addition to the continuous accompaniment, to access jobs and work placements thanks to the simplest of passwords: “I’m calling you from Savignac…” That’s the Savignac spirit!

Logo du réseau des anciens de Savignac, Le Club savignac

Work placements and job offers

Work placements and job offers are reserved for Savignac students and alumni. To access them, follow this link.

If you wish to advertise a work placement offer, please contact Céline Prouillac, in charge of student professional accompaniment :

or (+33) (0)

Céline Prouillac, chargée des relations entreprises et de l'accompagnement professionnel des étudiants

If you wish to publicise a job offer to our students, please contact Françoise Madiès, in charge of the alumni network : 

or (+33) (0)

Françoise Madiès, chargée du réseau des anciens de l'Ecole de Savignac