Network of Savignac alumni and the Savignac Club

Logo du réseau des anciens de Savignac, Le Club savignac

For over 25 years, the École de Savignac has been creating a network of former students that now has over 1,250 members around the globe. Savignac alumni feel a real attachment to the School, thanks to their experience on campus during their time here, and are always available for new students.

Many former graduates, in turn, offer jobs and work placements to the School’s students. Social and professional exchanges has developed thanks to this ongoing link between alumni and the School. The Savignac Network enables everyone, in addition to the continuous accompaniment, to access jobs and work placements thanks to the simplest of passwords: “I’m calling you from Savignac…” That’s the Savignac spirit!

The strengths of the Savignac alumni network

Via the alumni network, students can access :

    • The alumni directory, an indispensible gallery of profiles and expertise,
    • Job offers and suitable work placements,
    • The monitor of the HRI sector and the École de Savignac’s e-letter,
    • The ‘Business’ and ‘Festive’ events organised by the Club and its partners,

Visit the website of the Savignac alumni network, "Le Club Savignac " .


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