The corporate relations department

The École de Savignac is constantly in touch with professionals in the hospitality, tourism and events management sectors, be it for offers for work placements or jobs. The corporate relations department aims to ensure that the School’s training programmes meet the requirements of its professional partners as closely as possible.  

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The missions of the corporate relations department :

  • To make Savignac students more attractive to businesses.

  • To ensure the concordance between work placements, job offers and the students’ profiles.

  • To be in step with the training requirements of professionals.

The main missions of the corporate relations department : 

To make Savignac students more employable and attractive to businesses

The corporate relations department assists the students at Savignac with their search for work placements and jobs in order to facilitate their integration into the working world. It does this through:

one-on-one interviews in order to assess the students’ progress as well as hone their career plans;

professional coaching  carried out in partnership with the CIBC Dordogne, a professional careers agency;

mock job interview sessions and help with writing personal CVs, with the employment agency Analogias.

Accompanying students towards employment

To meet the recruitment needs of businesses

One of the objectives of Savignac’s corporate relations department is to provide businesses with students or future associates who possess the required expertise and experience.

For job offers, please contact the person in charge of the network of former students, Françoise Madiès.

@ :

Phone : + 33(0)

Françoise Madiès, chargée du réseau des anciens de l'Ecole de Savignac

For work placement offers, please contact the person in charge of the students’ professional accompaniment, Céline Prouillac.

@ :

Phone : +33 (0)

Céline Prouillac, chargée des relations entreprises et de l'accompagnement professionnel des étudiants
To organise special days where the students get to meet hospitality professionals (forums, theme days...)

Every year, the corporate relations department organises events devoted to the hospitality and tourism sectors in order to establish contact between Savignac students and businesses. 

These encounter days also provide students with the opportunity to begin building their own professional networks.

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