International Bachelor in Hospitality Management

The École Supérieure Internationale de Savignac offers an international bachelor degree in hospitality management, recognized by the State (RNCP Level II *).
It provides access to operational managerial positions in hotels, restaurants, tourism, event and leisure sectors throughout the world.

This bachelor, taught in English and in French, leads you progressively to choose, in year 3, among the following 3 majors:
- Business and luxury hotels Management
- Resort hotels and leisure complexes Management
- Catering and events Management

Bachelor highlights

  • A  gradual 3-year cycle: from discovery to specialization
  • A course built according to your profile: choose a type of experience to live in year 2 and your major in year 3
  • 11 to 17 months of professional experience accumulated at the end of the bachelor's degree cycle
  • Corporate projects conducted in groups on actual cases encountered in companies

* Title of "Hotel, Tourism and Catering Service Manager" - Level II code NSF 334. Registered at the RNCP by order of 30/08/2016, published in the Official Journal of 07/09/2016

Levels of admission

The bachelor cycle lasts 3 years. However, it is accessible:

> In year 1, with a baccalureat ou A-level, obtained or in course of obtaining

> In year 2, after a one year degree, accompanied by a field experience, in reorientation

> In year 3, with a 2-year degree specialized in hospitality-catering, obtained or in the course of obtaining

Admission procedure

YEAR 1 / Hospitality Fundamentals

Year 1 provides a common program that allows you to discover the hospitality, event and tourism sectors. The courses focus on the acquisition of basic managerial skills applied to the hospitality sector: accounting, legal culture, fundamental marketing, etc.
During your first internship in a company, you occupy an operational position: it allows you to discover how a business unit functions and wich managerial skills are required in the sector.

YEAR 2 / Choosing an experience

In year 2, the bachelor of the Ecole de Savignac offers you the opportunity to build and personalized your program. You can choose between three types of experience, depending on your profile:

  • Academic and studious, you can opt for a semester of study abroad, in one of our partner universities
  • Professional, you can privilege the practice and choose a long internship to confront you in the field
  • Open to the world and engaged, you can value the human experience and prefer the project Get Involved: a humanitarian or ecological mission, to transform your vision of the world and put in action your humanistic values.

YEAR 3 / Specialization

In year 3, after thinking about your professional project, you have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following 3 majors:

Part of the teaching is devoted to the deepening of managerial knowledge, and the other to the specialization you have chosen. The teaching gives place to the analysis, the strategy and the practical cases, on real projects carried out in real companies. The missions entrusted are  varied: conducting market studies, process audits, diagnostics and recommendations, or creating new catering concepts, etc.
You perform your final internship in an operational middle management position, either in project or team management, or in the discovery of a support function.