Higher education


If you have, or will soon have, a secondary school diploma, the École Supérieure Internationale de Savignac has three programmes available for you.

These three programmes, taught in English and/or in French, will enable you to access jobs at operational manager level within the hospitality, tourism and events management sectors throughout the world. 

Foundation Degree in Hospitality, Events & Catering Management
(Bac + 2)

Whatever your secondary school diploma, the École de Savignac can offer you a programme that will enable you to integrate the world of hospitality, tourism, leisure and events management.

The Foundation Degree is a two-year diploma programe that allows you to acquire skills and work experience, notably via a programme divided between teaching at school and work in the hospitality sector.

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European Bachelor in International Hospitality Management
(Bac + 3)

The three-year European Bachelor of Arts (Hons) enables students to acquire technical and managerial skills in hospitality and tourism (HRI) in three different countries and three different cultures (France, Spain/Germany and England).  

The attraction of this programme resides in the immersion it affords in professional life on a European scale (over two years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism sectors in three different countries).

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Fleche verte

New programme for September 2015

International BA in Hospitality Management 
(Bac + 3)

This new three-year BA is unique in France and is the best route towards the Savignac MBA. It incorporates the Erasmus programme, opening the way to an international career for the students. It enables them to experience a unique human adventure at a cultural and professional level, in destinations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Denmark.

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