International Bachelor in Hospitality Management (Bac + 3)

The three-year International BA in Hospitality Management enables students to study abroad within the Erasmus+ exchange programme. This international BA programme aimed at professions within chain and luxury hotels, is a recommended route to pursuing the Savignac MBA

3 years
nine–thirteen months in France and abroad
Baccalaureat or equivalent diploma
International Hospitality Management in Chain and Luxury Hotels
Aim: to become an inter-cultural operational manager in hospitality management

The École de Savignac offers a programme with a major international element, specialising in hospitality management in chain and luxury hotels.

The International BA in Hospitality Management has three main points of interest for students with a secondary school diploma :

  • An international focus: this BA is taught in French and English for five semesters with a further semester of classes abroad (either via our academic partners or via the Erasmus programme) in the language of the country chosen or in English (Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Morocco…). This enables students to improve their second modern language in addition to their mother tongue, as trilingualism is an indispensible prerequisite for young people who wish to have a managerial career within the HRI sector. 
  • Work experience: professional teaching, as well as nine–thirteen months of work placements spread over the BA’s three years guarantee solid management experience in chain and luxury hotels.
  • Further study with Savignac’s MBA: this BA is a recommended route to pursuing the two-year Savignac Students with the International BA who wish to be considered for the Savignac MBA are required to present their academic record and undergo a personal motivation interview. They will not have to pass the other admission tests.


    At the end of this programme, you will be recognised for your international work experience, your inter-cultural adaptability and your mastery of several languages.

Career opportunities

The International BA in Hospitality Management prepares students for professions in the hospitality sector in chain and luxury hotels (accommodation, food and beverage, and support functions).

At the end of the three-year BA programme, you will have acquired 180 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).

You will be able to apply for the following range of jobs :

  • assistant reception manager 
  • assistant general manager
  • night manager
  • assistant restaurant manager
  • assistant accounts manager
  • hotel sales manager
  • assistant banquet manager
  • supplies manager
  • hotel reservations clerk

Prospects abroad become a reality thanks to your diploma and your experience. They also favour your chances of pursuing your studies with Savignac’s MBA programme.

Savignac’s little bit extra :

- the interaction with professionals, teaching staff and members of the School’s staff provides a strong HRI network.

- career counselling that enables the student to hone his/her professional plans for optimum employability.

- Club Savignac, the Savignac alumni network, provides vital assistance in accessing the work market. Thanks to the sense of solidarity and mutual assistance of our former graduates, students benefit from additional support in seeking jobs, increasing their chances of finding the job that really suits them.

The International BA Calendar and Programme

The International BA in Hospitality Management is a three-year programme with teaching spread over six semesters. The fourth semester is given over to an international exchange (either via our academic partners or via the Erasmus + programme) : French students spend a semester on the campus of one the École de Savignac’s partners, while students from abroad spend a semester at Savignac studying regional culture and gastronomy (exploring the region and its wine production) and, more generally, the French luxury sector.


Calendar International Bachelor of the Ecole de Savignac

Enlarge the International BA calendar



Year 1: France

  • Hospitality Operations
  • Food & Beverage
  • Foreign language communication (English, German or Spanish)
  • Personal and professional development
  • Information and communication technology
  • Study Skills (Time Management Research Methods)
  • Legal Culture
  • Introduction to managing human resources
  • Marketing
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Cross-cultural communication


    3 months internship in France

 year 2 : France & Abroad

  • Banqueting, Events & Conference Management
  • Foreign language communication (English, German or Spanish)
  • Personal development
  • Information and communication technology
  • Managing human resources
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Financial Management
  • Macro-economy

Semester 4 (eleven weeks) will be spent abroad on the campus of one of our international academic partners (on the condition that satisfactory academic results have been achieved by the student). Four months international internship.


Year 3 : France & Abroad 

  • Club & Resort Management
  • Outdoor hospitality
  • Tourism Management
  • Strategic Hospitality Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Consultancy Project
  • Research Project
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Techniques in professional communication
  • Information and communication technology
  • Methods of networking & recruiting
  • Legal culture
  • Managing a team
  • Sales and Negotiation skills
  • Financial Management
  • Developing a Business Plan

Professional experience of four month’s duration, in France or abroad 

Work-shadowing of 40 hours duration to be carried out. (Period of observation, following a manager in the workplace).

Work experience as part of the programme

Work experience in France and abroad

The International BA in Hospitality Management includes several work placements of varying length.

In the first year, you will undertake a three-month operational work placement in the hotel sector, in a chain or luxury establishment in France. Depending on the work placement and company, you may be able to extend this work experience to a five-month work placement. This initial work experience will enable you to gain and expand your skills and professional expertise, as well as honing your career path.

In the second year, you will spend a semester studying abroad (either via our academic partners or via the Erasmus programme), followed by a four-month work placement in the continent of your choice. This work placement will provide you with broad work and cultural experience in the hotel sector.

Your end of studies work placement undertaken in France or abroad will enable you to hone your choice of career.

Help in seeking a work placement

The École de Savignac helps you orientate your search for a work placement: files on business partners, the former student network, assistance with your search, with creating your CV and your covering letter, and with preparing for an interview.

A member of staff specifically assigned to the professional accompaniment of students is available to help you choose your work placement and define its parameters.

Academic recognition

The three-year International BA in Hospitality Management delivered by the École de Savignac will enable you to acquire 180 ECTS credits.

This BA programme is in the process of being included at Level 2 in the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Thanks to the ECTS, you may continue your studies with the Savignac MBA, listed at Level 1 in the RNCP.

The academic content and teaching methods of this BA are designed to enable students to progress onto the École de Savignac’s MBA programme.


Application conditions

Admission criteria

  • Holders of a secondary school diploma: entry at Year 1 
  • For students with a two-year post secondary school diploma or equivalent in hospitality: entry at Year 3.

Selection procedure

  • Selection based on application 
  • Test to evaluate the candidate’s level of English and German or Spanish
  • Personal motivation interview 
  • Deadline for applications: end May
  • Handling fee: 120 €

For students from abroad, the handling fee must be paid by bank transfer (please contact us to obtain our bank details).

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

  • Tuition fees : 6,500 € per year (19,500 € for the three years) 
  • Subscription to the student association (ASIS) : 200 € (professional visits, meals off campus, etc)
  • Option of lifelong membership of the alumni association, Club Savignac : 150€


Catering at the École de Savignac is managed by the catering company Sogeres. All students must eat their midday meal at the campus canteen. In Spain, Germany and England, students are responsible for their own meals.


  • In France– accommodation close to the School: we can provide you with a list of addresses offering furnished lodging (average cost: 320 €/month*).

    * This figure is given for information purposes only and is likely to change annually.


Answers to questions you may have asked yourself...


  1. How does recruitment take place?

Recruitment takes place in two stages:

First of all, candidates must carefully complete the application form which they have been sent or print it here. Attention, candidates must have studied or be studying English and a second modern language (German or Spanish) at baccalaureat or equivalent level in order to apply.

If you are eligible, you will be invited for an interview. You will also have to pass language tests.

  1. What are the selection criteria?

We are interested in your school reports, in particular, your teachers’ appraisals. Above all, we are looking for motivated students prepared to commit to an exacting programme.

During the interview, your motivation, your knowledge of the sector, your appearance and potentially your career plan will be determining factors.

  1. Is there a deadline for applications?

We accept applications until the end of May.

  1. How long after my interview might I expect to receive a reply?

You will receive a reply, be it positive or negative, ten–fifteen days after your interview.

  1. How do I confirm my application?

The School’s letter of reply will also contain an inscription form to be completed, signed and returned to the School. For students from abroad, the 800 € deposit must be paid by bank transfer (please contact us to obtain our bank details). Registration of this form and the bank transfer will serve as definitive confirmation of your inscription at the École de Savignac, subject to obtaining a secondary school diploma.

Accommodation and meals

  1. How do I find accommodation for my time spent at Savignac?

There is a wide choice of rented accommodation within close distance to the School (houses or apartments for single/joint rental). We will sent you a list of addresses once your application has been accepted. The average monthly rental is 320 €.

  1. How does the canteen work in France?

The École de Savignac has a self-service restaurant on campus. Students are obliged to eat their midday meal there on weekdays. Meals are also available in the evening, if so desired.

Recognition of the diploma

The three-year International BA in Hospitality Management delivered by the École de Savignac enables you to acquire 180 ECTS credits. Thanks to the ECTS, you are eligible to apply to the École de Savignac’s two-year MBA in hospitality management.

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Richard Ginioux, Director of Ecole de Savignac  

The International BA in Hospitality Management is a completely new programme in France for school leavers, and is a recommended way of ultimately accessing the École de Savignac’s MBA programme. The International BA programme makes use of the Erasmus exchange programme, enabling the students to work and study abroad, giving them unique cultural and work experience in destinations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Senegal and Morocco.
Interview : Richard Ginioux, Director of Ecole de Savignac

Richard Ginioux