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The École de Savignac’s e-letter

The École de Savignac’s e-letter gathers all the news to do with the School every month: events organised at Savignac, students’ projects, news of students on work placements or training programmes with our academic partners, news of the alumni network, and an interview of a hospitality professional.

To subscribe to the e-letter, send an email to: a.raynal@ecole-de-savignac.com


E-Letter de l'Ecole de Savignac (exemple)

Savignac News

The first issue of the Savignac News came into being with the 8th year of the MBA, as part of the module entitled "Maîtrise des outils de communication" (‘Mastering communication tools’) taught by Pascal Magontier, a multimedia professional. You will find the present issue and all the back issues here.

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