Studying an MBA, after a two- or three-year diploma in a non HRI sector

Have your higher education studies (two-, three- or five-years) been in non-HRI subjects, but your interest in the hospitality and tourism sectors, coupled with the prospect of an international career, been encouraging you to change direction?

In just three years, you can acquire a MBA in Hospitality Management recognised by the French State at Level 1 in the French Register of Professional Certifications. You will discover the range of managerial professions available in the hospitality and tourism sectors thanks to a unique and very broad curriculum.

Etudiants en MBA de l'Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac

Here are some examples of the fields from which students integrating the three-year MBA in Hospitality Management have come from. 

Literary degree
Marketing degree
Economics degree
Mathematics degree
Law degree
Communication degree