Management training and advancement

The École de Savignac was founded in 1988 by the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been making its expertise in post-secondary level Hospitality Management training available to businesses ever since, together with its extensive experience in advising professionals and its network of international visiting lecturers at the forefront of new developments within the hospitality sector.

Remise des certificats en formation continue aux cadres Louvre Hotels Group

Managers of the Louvre Hotels Group

Our management training and advancement revolves around four main axes :

  • Tailor-made business solutions (In-service intra-company training)
  • Setting up and managing Assessment Centres (evaluating managers with respect to a particular job) 
  • Assisting human resource services with external recruitment

Tailor-made business solutions (intra-company training)

Accompanying the recruitment of external candidates at Ecole de Savignac

Assessment centre at Ecole de Savignac