Assessment Centre

The École de Savignac can design and administrate an assessment tool enabling you to evaluate the performance and working practices of your managers in order to ascertain their skills and potential.

The Assessment Centre produces recommendations, notably in terms of development and/or possible changes of orientation.

Assessment Center à l'Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac

Key points of an assessment

  • Evaluation of your employees in real-life situations via tests.
  • Improved identification of your employees’ skills so that you are better armed to choose candidates for internal promotion.

The aim of the Assessment Centre is two-fold:

  • To evaluate and help participants to have a better understanding of themselves and of their skills and
  • To assist the company in making its selection, providing a reliable and objective tool with which to confirm the potential of participants or to suggest their reorientation.

    An exhaustive file on each candidate evaluated is given to the company or commissioning establishment.

The process:

The École de Savignac will design and instal tailor-made in-house evaluation tools that enable the candidates to be observed in their professional environment and to indicate how they are likely to perform in the future.

The expertise of consultants well-known within their fields, the use of objective proficiency criteria and of tailor-made evaluation grids all constitute the added value of our service.

The methodology used thus avoids individual judgment, necessarily based on subjective and varying value scales, instead, relying solely on defined observable behaviour – the same for everyone.

For further information, contact the Savignac Management Advancement Department (Savignac Développement des Cadres) by email on or by phone on (+33) (0)5 53 05 08 11.

They have trusted us:

Club Med, chaîne internationale partenaire de l'Ecole de Savignac

Club Med consulted the École de Savignac for an internal evaluation of its ‘Villas et Chalets’ and ‘5 Trident’ managers in the context of the group’s repositioning and introduction of its ‘Luxury by Club Med’ concept.