Tailor-made business solutions (intra-company training)

The École de Savignac can create training programmes for your managers taking into consideration the managerial, organisational and material conditions of the jobs on offer, as well as the context, culture and strategic approach of your group or business.  

Designing these programmes is a collaborative process, to make them as operational as possible, and involves your company’s senior management, in order to make the most of the trained managers within your company.

These training programmes can be established based on an assessment  of the need to strengthen expertise and skills within your company or to recruit from outside the company , a process with which we can also assist.


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Key points of the intra-company training

  • The aims are clearly identified with the contracting party 

  • They are tailored to your time constraints and budget 

  • They integrate your corporate culture

Aims of the intra-company training :

Our tailor-made training programmes will enable your trainees to achieve the strategic and operational objectives set up by the company.

The École de Savignac can provide :

  • Training programmes designed in close collaboration with your company and adapted to its particular strategic challenges (repositioning, development, internationalisation...) and human resource issues (acquiring new skills, professional development, career changes…);
  • Additional knowledge for your trainees to enable them meet the specific challenges of your company;
  • Personalised training programmes that can be held on your premises or at the École de Savignac, varying in scope according to your needs and time constraints.


The process: 

Together, we analyse your needs and design your training programme using an approach that underpins our programme conception and course design.

1. Diagnostic phase (preliminary analysis of the training request), to analyse and define:
  • the human and organisational parameters 
  • the target skills aimed at and their means of evaluation
  • the characteristics of the trainees 
  • the specific training needs 
Design phase, to convert the information from the previous phase into a training programme:
  • The target skills are converted into teaching aims. 
  • The teaching strategies are drawn up, notably the overall configuration, where and when it will take place and the technologies involved.
  • The teaching methods and technologies are selected: the teaching techniques (presentations, tests, brainstorming, role plays, situational simulations, tutorials, coaching…), tools and teaching materials (text books, slides, video-conferences, online classes, forums, teaching software…) and interaction formats (face to face, in small groups, in work-like configurations…).
  • Creation of work-based situations with experts designated by the client.
3. Development phase, to create the teaching tools and materials :
  • This phase may simply involve adapting and revising the techniques and tools which we use in our Savignac training programmes.
  • t may also require designing new tools and materials.
4. Learning phase, to apply the training programme :
  • Application of the training programme
  • Administration of the training programme (coordination of the programme, contact with the trainers, logistics, ongoing management of the teaching, monitoring attendance…)
  • Creating study cases together with the managers of your company.
5. Evaluation phase, to evaluate the programme and to optimise of the cost/results ratio

Evaluation phase for assessing the educational system and to optimize the "expected results / cost of training "

We would like to hear about your projects so that we can design your tailor-made training programme with you. For further information, contact the Savignac Management Advancement Department (Savignac Développement des Cadres) by email on developpementdescadres@ecole-de-savignac.com or by telephone on (+33) (0)5 53 05 08 11.


They have trusted us : 

Groupe Louvre Hotels, chaîne hôtelière internationale

The Louvre Hotels Group, together with the École de Savignac, has created a programme called the “Business and Service Management Certificate” that aims to provide the hotel group with a programme that develops the skills of those of its general managers keen to assimilate all the group’s operations within an international context.

Compass Group, groupe de restauration concédée

Compass Group, together with the École de Savignac, has created a programme called “Leadership et Innovation” specifically for the group’s sector managers, within the context of structuring the group’s activity and its economic expansion.