Savignac Conseil

(Savignac’s advisory service)

The École de Savignac, founded in 1988 by the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shares its expertise in programme conception and course design through its consultancy department, Savignac Conseil.

Savignac Conseil (SC) assists training centres, institutional bodies and private investors around the world in setting up or developing schools specialising in hospitality management. It also offers advice on creating programmes and specialised courses in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

This activity enables Savignac to export its expertise and values, and to introduce future generations of managers to a sector with a strong human element, a complex economic dimension and that is buoyant in terms of employment.


Groupe de professionnels au travail

It also enables us to contribute to the economic development of developing countries by accompanying training projects for local populations undertaken by our future academic partners.

It also allows us to guarantee our professional partners – international hospitality groups – the possibility of recruiting managers locally, well grounded in management techniques, to accompany their development projects abroad.

Our approach

Savignac Conseil undertakes tailor-made assignments that are entirely adapted to the aims and requirements of its future partners. These unfailingly take into account the political, economic and social conditions of the country in which the project is to be set up.

1 : Analysis phase

In the first instance, Savignac Conseil analyses the documents transmitted by the future partner in order to immerse itself in the project and identify the elements required to make the most of the consultants’ visit, which constitutes the next phase.

2 : Site visit

Savignac Conseil (SC) then meets with the project initiators and, if it already exists, visits the school site. The aim of the visit is for the consultants to analyse the future partner’s aims and intended academic programmes, and to evaluate the existing infrastructures. While on site, the SC consultants also take the opportunity to meet with all those likely to be associated with the project, be they institutions, academic or professional partners, public or private investors…

3 : Programme conception and course design

Savignac Conseil will then begin to design the programme in order to create the educational approach best suited to the constraints, requirements and aims of its partner.

Once the educational approach has been approved, Savignac Conseil, if requested by its partner, can undertake the work of designing the actual courses in order to develop the teaching in keeping with the chosen approach and also participate in recruiting and training the people who will dispense these courses.

4 : Quality control and certification

A certification will validate the conformity of education provided to the targeted standards.

Savignac Conseil provides its partners with a range of services depending on the degree of collaboration required:

  • Advice on developing teaching centres, programmes and specialised courses within the HRI sector;
  • Academic certification by the École Supérieure Internationale de Savignac;
  • Training of the academic management staff and/or teaching body

For further information, contact Savignac Conseil by email on or by telephone on (+33) (0)5 53 05 08 11.