Training the academic management team and/or teaching body

Training the academic management team:

The academic management team ensures the quality of the teaching and the academic progression of their students.

They must, of course, have a mastery of the basics of programme conception and course design.

However, in order to supervise the teaching body, they must also be familiar with the techniques and methods of academic management to ensure that the teaching delivered is suited to the expectations of a new generation of students and to the needs of the professionals who will be recruiting the future graduates.

It is this know-how that Savignac aims to convey to its partners in order for them to improve their teaching and, in turn, figure among the leaders of higher education in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Training the teaching body:

Many business schools limit themselves to conveying management skills. The Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, however, because of its links with the hospitality and tourism sectors, also conveys professional skills – those sought after by the hospitality groups who will be recruiting your graduates.

And then there’s the vital ingredient: attitude skills, which enable managers to progress rapidly and continually. “Knowing how to be” and “knowing how to become” are keys to success within hospitality and tourism businesses.  

To achieve this objective, the teaching should constantly evolve. Both its design and execution must involve hospitality professionals. It should adopt teaching methods that favour the co-development of students within a collaborative rather than competitive atmosphere.

It is this philosophy that Savignac wishes to convey to your establishment by training your teachers through a programme that ensures that the teachers have mastered the teaching, andrological and epistemological skills necessary to stimulate the students’ learning.

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