Student projects

Savignac students projects

Every year, students at the École de Savignac are asked to undertake various humanitarian, sporting, cultural or community projects. These projects may form part of their academic training or be personal initiatives that contribute to the general dynamism of Savignac life.

Video introducing the Sports Committee at Savignac

A variety of local sports facilities are available for use by Savignac students, including a football pitch next to the School. The School also has its own gym which has been completely renovated.

Student Representative Committee

Every year, the new student intake of each programme at the School votes for members to make up their Student Representative Committee (Bureau des Étudiants, or BDE, in French). The Committee is in charge of organising extra-curricular activities such as student evenings, welcoming new students, and a variety of other activities including sporting and cultural events, and running the bar in the Student Club.

The Savinothèque

Savinothèque, club d'oenologie de l'Ecole de Savignac

Savinothèque, the oenology club of the École de Savignac.

The Savinothèque is the École de Savignac’s oenology club. It is run by a group of MBA students.

The club offers the students themed wine-tastings throughout their time at Savignac. The aim is to discover the pleasures of wine in an informal manner. It brings together lovers of fine wine and all that goes with it.

The MBA projects

Every year, the MBA students, divided into groups, choose a project that will enable them to put into practice their management skills.

Sporting projects: EDHEC, 4L Trophy, rally, ...

Multimedia projects: Planète, Radio Savignac, ...

Cultural projects: L'Eaudysée d'Aquitaine, project with the Dordogne Departmental Tourist Committee, Festival MNOP (New Orleans Music Festival) in Perigueux, ...

Round tables with a variety of professionals as guest speakers invited to discuss topical issues.


Projets MBA à Savignac

The Service Week

The Service Week is an unique learning opportunity in the Savignac students’ training. “Taking pleasure in giving pleasure” is a motto that has echoed through the years at Savignac. The aim of the Service Week is to make students aware of their responsibilities. They are therefore expected to participate actively in the daily management of the School as well as coming up with themes and original events for the duration of each week at Savignac.

Thus, the decoration of the School changes every week in keeping with the imagination and choice of the students providing the service each week.