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Etudiants en European Bachelor à Angell Business School

European Bachelor students at Angell Akademie (promotion 2011-2014)

The Angell Business School, in close collaboration with the renowned University of Brighton, has run recognised diploma programmes within the hospitality and tourism sectors since 1997. This long-standing partnership was of great interest to the École de Savignac as the obvious way forward in terms of expansion.

In 2011, therefore, the École de Savignac set up an academic partnership with the Angell Akademie that permitted students who had studied German to pursue their training in Freiburg: six months studying in the Business School’s entirely renovated premises, followed by a work placement in a German establishment selected in keeping with their individual areas of interest.

Angell Akademie offers a complete teaching platform based around MAs in hospitality, tourism and events management in cooperation with the University of Brighton. This provides our students with a structure that describes itself as an establishment promoting values such as constructive criticism and working methods that are at the cutting edge of innovative teaching techniques. This constant creativity encourages the students to keep an open mind about the world around them, showing themselves to be ever-creative and forever looking at the future with a critical eye.

An ever growing number of German-speaking students enrol in the European BA every year in order to practice and fine tune their second or third language – an obvious plus in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

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Angell Akademie, partenaire académique de l'Ecole de Savignac

Robert F. W e t t e r a u e r, Director of Marketing & Communications at Angell Akademie FreiburgRobert F. Wetterauer, Director of Marketing & Communications at Angell Akademie Freiburg

"The European Bachelor is unique, as it provides students with the opportunity to study within three countries in three years, acquiring intercultural skills and social competencies, that are so important in today’s global hospitality business.

We are looking forward to welcoming the future leaders of the industry on our contemporary campus in Freiburg, Germany, a region known for culinary delights, excellent wines and savoir-vivre."