Savignac : 27 years of history

In 2013, the École de Savignac celebrated its 25th anniversary. Listed below are the highlights of those years, from its beginnings through to its present position as one of the leading hospitality, tourism and events management schools.

Savignac history


 Fleche Chronologique Ecole de Savignac

2015 : Launch of a new post-baccalaureate training, Bachelor in International Hospitality Management , 3 years program available after the Baccalaureate and implemented with the Erasmus + program.

Official launch of the Training Institute Thelma (Tourism Hospitality Event Luxury Management), specialized in training for tourism professions, hospitality and luxury. Thelma was created by the partnership between BEM DAKAR first " business school " French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa , and the Ecole de Savignac. 

2014 : Creation of a new consulting department, Savignac Conseil, specialised in the licensing of Savignac’s programmes abroad.

First year of in-service training for managers of the Compass Group (Compass) at the École de Savignac.

Launch of the first inter-company seminar for managers.


2013 Reconversion of the BA in Hospitality Management to become a diploma entirely conferred by the École de Savignac while retaining its international dimension with a work placement abroad and courses taught in English and French.

Launch of the first assessment for managers of ‘5-Trident’ resorts, villages and chalets of the Club Med .Group. 


2012 : Launch of the BA (Top-up) in Catering, Events and Facilities Management: a one-year graduate-level programme delivered by the École de Savignac. This new programme, taught in French and English, consists of modules specifically focused on management within the fields of catering and events management.

In 2011-2012, a 3 million euro renovation and enlargement of the campus was undertaken, with the construction of a new 1,100 m2 teaching block including a larger and more innovative resource centre and a complete facelift of the self-service canteen.

Creation and development of a BA in Hospitality Management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Casablanca, Morocco.

Expansion of the training programme for  professionals (intra-company and inter-company training, and assessment centre...). Launch of the first year of the in-service training for managers of the Louvre Hotels Group.


2009 : Creation of the European BA in International Hospitality Management. This unique formula now offers a year in France at the École de Savignac (including two months’ work experience); a second year either in Spain, at the Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia, or in Germany, at the Angell Business School Freiburg (both include six months’ work experience), and a third year divided between a semester in England at the University of Brighton and a semester in France at the École de Savignac.


2008 Creation of the preparatory year for the MBA in Hospitality Management enabling all students with two- or three-year post secondary school diplomas in fields outside the hospitality sector to subsequently integrate the Savignac MBA.


2006 : With the same English partners, the School launches a one-year programme divided between France and England, enabling students with two-year post secondary school diplomas in the hospitality sector (Foundation Degree or HRI diploma in hospitality and tourism) to obtain a Bachelor "Top-up" in Hospitality Management from the University  of West London (an undergraduate level degree).


2004 : The School launches a new training programme in partnership with Stratford College (in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Shakespeare’s birthplace), which itself hosts post secondary school training programmes by agreement with UWL (University of West London, formerly Thames Valley University) which validates them. The Foundation Degree in Hospitality Management delivered by UWL is a two-year post secondary school British diploma divided between the École de Savignac and Stratford-upon-Avon College.


1996 The French State officially recognises the quality of the School’s teaching by accrediting its two-year (French Level II) MBA . (This recognition, based on the level of jobs occupied by the School’s ex-students, enabled the State to classify the School’s MBA as a French Level I qualification in 2004.)


1988 Renovation and transformation of the original hotel, the student restaurant, the swimming pool and restaurant facilities (twelve 4-star rooms). Launch of the first year of MBA students with 21 candidates.


1987 : the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry  purchases the Hôtel-Restaurant Le Parc in Savignac-les-Eglises (15 kilometres from Périgueux) to set up the future school. This internationally-renowned establishment (rated 4 stars, singled out by the top guidebooks and managed by the acclaimed chef Jean VESSAT) is famed for having welcomed a number of illustrious guests including Queen Elisabeth II’s mother, the Queen Mother, and a variety of singers, actors, etc.


1986 : The Assembly General of the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (formerly the CCI of Perigueux) decides upon the creation of a graduate management school for the hospitality sector.