What the professionals say

How professionals view the teaching at Savignac

Find out how the teaching at the École de Savignac meets the needs of professionals within hospitality and tourism (HRI).

The professionals testify

A number of professionals from large groups agreed to share their impressions of the École de Savignac and its students.

I should like to thank the École de Savignac for its welcome and congratulate it for the professionalism of its students. It was a real discovery for me, and I hope to see them again.
Interview :  Alessandra Di Marco, Human Resources Officer for YUZU – Yannick Alléno Group

Alessandra Di Marco

Yannick Alléno Group

I should like to thank the School for its welcome at its “World of Luxury” Special ‘Event Day’. I am delighted to have discovered the École de Savignac and to have had the opportunity to meet the students.
Interview : Raphaëlle de Crépy, Human Resources Officer for Alain Ducasse Group

Raphaëlle de Crépy

Alain Ducasse Group

I spent an excellent day at Savignac for its “Caterer and Events Organiser” special Event Day. Everything was perfectly organised, from the hotel’s welcome breakfast, through the lunch and presentations in the auditorium, to the individual meetings with the Savignac students. I really felt the Savignac spirit during the few hours I spent with the students.
Interview : Marie-Dominique Larrebat, general secretary at Château Phélan Ségur

Marie-Dominique Larrebat

Château Phélan Ségur

Back in my region of Seine et Marne, I would really like to thank you for your warm welcome and admirable organisation. It was a real pleasure, at long last, to discover the famous École de Savignac! Every member of the teaching staff and every student encountered succeeded in conveying professionalism, dedication and good humour… values that are very dear to us in our daily work in our hotels. I sincerely hope that this will give rise to a fruitful collaboration between our establishments. Many thanks!
Interview : claudia RAULHAC-OUDJANI, Director of Human Resources at Dream Castle Hotel

Claudia Raulhac-Oudjani

VI Hotels & Resorts