The Savignac experience

You do not come to Savignac by chance!

Savignac is a human adventure that has been shared by all the students who have followed the School’s programmes for the past 26 years. It is a link between all the School’s graduates that assures the solidarity of the Savignac network.

“The École de Savignac focuses on every individual, seeing the potential in each person.”

Hervé Nael, graduate of the first year of the MBA

Six good reasons for studying at the École Supérieure Internationale de Savignac :

A school on a human scale

Savignac is a school on a human scale, providing ‘personalised teaching’ and favouring the development of a strong community based on strong values: peer support, sense of responsibility, daring, service-mindedness and tolerance. We ensure the opinions of others are respected within a team context.

The active participation of the students in the School’s life and everyday administration is an essential principle of Savignac that favours the personal and professional development of the students. Thanks to this experience, the graduates have no problem adopting a participative management style.

Among the various methods on offer, the Service weeks aim to make the students responsible by allowing them to organise weekly events and take part in the running of the campus. The Savignac projects are another example of the School’s focus on the development of the students’ autonomy and creativity.

The innovative nature of the teaching

The innovative nature of our teaching is based on Entrepreneurial Learning, a teaching method based on encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning. It aims to develop their capacity for research, original thinking and argumentation. The aim is to promote the interactive nature of teaching and knowledge-sharing between teaching staff and students as well as between students themselves. This is the principle of co-development.

A School with an international outlook

Savignac assures its international dimension with programmes that are partially or entirely taught in English and work placements abroad. The École de Savignac has established international academic partnerships with well-known schools and universities abroad such as the University of Brighton, the Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia, Angell Business School, Stratford-upon-Avon College, BEM Dakar and the Ecole Hôtelière de Casablanca

Recognised specialist diploma programmes

Savignac offers specialist diploma programmes taught by people at the forefront of new trends within the sector.

Savignac works with hospitality professionals to update the content of its courses and develop new programmes.

Savignac delivers diplomas recognised for their academic excellence in keeping with the needs of professionals, in France and abroad.

A dynamic and constructive student life

A rewarding student life with a pleasant campus and a dynamic community life based around cultural, sporting and voluntary clubs.

The Savignac campus brings together at any one time between 200 and 250 students of varied ages and origins. This diversity and the sharing of ideas and values encourage the personal development of each student.

Barbecues, student evenings and sporting activities provide opportunities for exchange and encounter that galvanise student life at Savignac.

The Savignac campus is located in the grounds of a former Relais & Châteaux property, a unique, elegant, centuries-old setting that affords the possibility of activities such as jogging, canoeing and walking along the river that runs alongside the campus.